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kazimierzdolny, bialka tatrzanska

Środkowa Street 57
 PL-34405 Białka Tatrzańska
phone +48 18 265 41 18
cellphone +48 605-200-712

Mountain Resort  "KOŚCIELEC"
Sołtystwo Street 29
Czarna Góra, PL-34532 Jurgów

cellphone +48 605-064-381
cellphone +48 601-271-625

bialkatarzanska, bialka tatrzanska

Guest House
 Środkowa Street 167A
 PL-34405 Białka Tatrzańska
phone +48 18 26 544 18
cellphone +48 605 211 911

bialkatatrzanska, bialka tatrzanska

Białka Tatrzańska - plan miasta
Białka Tatrzańska

bialkatatrzanska, bialka tatrzanska

bialkatatrzanska, bialka tatrzanskaWelcome to  BIALKA-TATRZANSKA.COM!

We hope that the enclosed information will help to find, what you are searching for. Our news bulletin works in three languages: English, German and Polish. We would like to reach as many people as it is possible. You can find here a lot of valuable information about this beautiful place – Bialka Tatrzanska – as well as its surroundings. Especially we would like to recommend accommodation in Bialka Tatrzanska, which we show on our portal BIALKA-TATRZANSKA.COM is already 31th portal created by our company Morena – Internet Portals. While preparing this website we have put much effort to make it friendly, clear and easy to use. The experience which we have makes us sure that you are going to like this portal. If you have any information which should be added, do not hesitate to contact.


bialkatatrzanska, bialka tatrzanska